Vitamin E Rich Avocado Oil For Cooking To Live A Long Healthy Life

One tree that rakes up a million different usages for your in daily life is the Avocado tree. This fruit is popular because it is considered a reliable source of potassium and vitamin D. Many medicines, ointments, beauty creams and even cooking oil are made from the fruit, its leaves and seeds. Now the question arises how does Avocado fruit works wonders when so many other fruits and vegetables don’t do the trick.

How Does It Work?

One must understand that Avocado is a fiber-rich fruit, therefore, enhancing its ability to have low cholesterol level. In fact, the fruit contains nutrients which are helpful in repairing cartilage in joints, which are otherwise damaged by osteoarthritis. The fruit contains minimal cholesterol level, besides the oils in Avocado fruit which are used to treat osteoarthritis, its seeds leaves, and skin is helpful in curing dysentery and diarrhea.

Many aren’t aware that Vitamin E rich Avocado oil is perfect for being directly applied to the skin to soothe, heal or treat thickening of skins which is a conditions called sclerosis. Other health conditions that can be solved with Avocados include gum infection (pyorrhea) and arthritis. Combined with Vitamin B12, Avocado is perfect for skin inflammations as well. In fact, pulp extracts from this fruit is used to promote hair growth and speed up wound healing as well. In many cases, the seeds, leaves, and bark are used to alleviate gum pains or chronic tooth ache.

some healthy ways for implementing Avocado oil in Indian cooking

  1. Frying with Avocado Oil

Similar to the healthy coconut oil, Avocado oil is among the best possible oils to have in your kitchen. The refined oil has a very high smoke point, usually listed as between 270 Celsius. Therefore, it is suitable choice for stir-frys and other kinds of high temperature cooking. Virgin Avocado oil is similarly advertised with similar high smoke points in comparison to regular Avocado oil. However, many independent studies have shown that this estimation may be exaggerated. If you are cooking with virgin Avocado oil, the best way is to keep avocado oil between 375-400 degree Fahrenheit whenever cooking.

  1. Evidence of Monounsaturated fats in Avocado Oil

Cold pressing results in a high quality and great tasting Avocado oil. This type of cooking oil has low acidic level and oxidization, therefore, serving in more than one way to your health. Central to these health benefits is the presence of monounsaturated fats which makes them an ideal cooking oil for households where cholesterol needs to be kept under check at all times.

Research has evidences that monounsaturated are found to be the healthiest fatty acids one can consume for their health. Known to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, with Avocado oil there is lower risk of heart disease, which is a major concern of health all around the globe.