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Avocado oil

OLIVADO Avocado oil is sourced from GODS OWN COUNTRY  NEW ZEALND . Olivado was the pioneer in making world’s first and finest avocado oil in the world. With its reach across UK, USA, CANADA, UAE and many across the continents have excelled in providing the best in quality for all its oils. KIRA FOODS PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED in India brings you the same Avocado oil packed and labeled from New Zealand at your door step. The Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado oil is packed with the oil of 40 Avocados that is pure and healthy is every form .

The Story :  Olivado developed the world’s first extra virgin avocado oil from the fresh , ripe, ripe flesh of New Zealand’s avocados. As its natural health benefits avocado oil is rich in omega 3, 6,9 , with natural heath benefits , the hass avocado produce a delicious oil , which can be used to enhance the flavors of all dishes across cuisines.

The Taste :The smooth and mild taste of the ripe Hass avocado is perfect for gentle and high heat cooking up to 255 degree Celsius . Drizzle over a salad or sauté your veggies and enjoy its buttery flavor. Great with all forms of meats and seafood too.

The Goodness : All the natural goodness of avocado . High in vitamin E , monounsaturated fats , beta sitosterol and lutein, highest plant source of COQ10, contains no trans-fat ,no  preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Benefits of avocado oil

  • Avocado oil is an ideal candidate for the your everyday cooking meals by nourishing your body with the necessary minerals , vitamins and nutrients. Extra virgin avocado oil is low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats, balanced by polyunsaturated fats, low in animal protein, rich in complex carbohydrates, and full of fiber.
  • Extra virgin avocado oil, extracted by cold press or centrifuge from the pulp of ripe avocados, has a similar chemical composition to olive oil, although its levels of vitamin C, beta-sitosterol, and chlorophyll are much higher.
  • Avocado oil has the higest amount of vitamin E content and chlorophyll content that helps in fighting cancer at many levels .
  • Avocado oil has over 25 vital nutrients including vitamins A,B,C,E, K and minerals such as copper , iron , potassium etc
  • Avocado oil is a blessing for your hair and skin. It is the most penetrating oil and is immensely absorbed by hair and skin. it acts as a regenerating agent and restructures the skin texture .
  • Avocado oil is a rich source of glutathione which is an antioxidants and helps in diseases like psoriasis, eczema , acne and dry skin.
  • Avocado oil deeply penetrated the scalp protecting it and stimulating hair growth .its the best treatment for hair spa as it leaved your hair soft, nourished and healthy .  

Coconut oil

  • Coconut oil is an edible oil obtained from crushed coconut.In recent years this oil has attained superstardom in the health food world.. coconut oil has a number of benefits in skin care, hair care, stress relief, weight loss, and cholesterol level maintenance, immunomodulatory effects, cardiovascular uses, and more recently in Alzheimer’s disease. In recent times recognition of the positive health effects of coconut oils has emerged stronger. Extra virgin coconut oil has multiple usage such as edible oil, massage oil , hair oil , cosmetic and medicinal usages. It is derived from the milk obtained from fresh coconut meat and not from copra. Our oil is produced with high technology using centrifugal separation process and care is taken to use no heat for the extraction. Produced in such a way the oil smells and tastes best and is loaded with MCTS that equals to mothers breast milk.
  • KLAPS COCONUT OIL is one of the most trusted and healthy varieties of coconut oil .



A winner product in the KLAPS range of products is our extra virgin coconut oil. Its obtained by picking fresh coconuts and then gently pressed using the centrifugal process to obtain the best quality oil. The oil is extracted under 40 degree C to retain it maximum nutrients and minerals.

  • Taste: its smooth silky texture will stimulate your senses and its mild flavor will make your dish healthy without overpowering its taste and flavors. Perfect for all high heat cooking as well all applications.

Coconut sugar

Due to Awareness about healthy diets, people are replacing conventionally refined sugar with an alternative sweetener. Coconut sugar benefits from this trend and is conquering the place of refined sugar. While sugar extraction from coconut sap has a long tradition in South and Southeast Asia. Klaps Coconut sugar is a natural form of sugar for your daily diet, as it is plant-based. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconuts, it is more nutritious than regular table sugar. KLAPS COCONUT SUGAR: derived from the blossoms of coconut tree. A completely natural product made from the sap of coconut on its heating. It’s subtle taste tastes like jaggery and is a great substitute to white sugar. A low GI of 35 makes it diabetic friendly and a guilt free addition to desserts, tea. Coffee , baking and general cooking .

Coconut vinegar

KLAPS COCONUT NECTAR VINEGAR: Made from pure coconut sap it’s a miracle tonic with many health benefits. 100 % gluten free and is a carrier of 17essential amino acids. Suitable for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index which helps to control insulin sensitivity. A much healthier option than apple cider vinegar as its sweetness brings out a great taste in dishes. Coconut nectar vinegar is a relief from the regular synthetic vinegars, it is a perfect blend for all your cooking dishes and gives a sweet and sour taste.

Coconut vinegar id a much healthier option than apple cider vinegar and is has a milder tastes and contains 17 amino acids which builds in the nutritional value for your daily course

Avaco extra virgin coconut oil with extra virgin avocado oil .

The blend of 2 super foods .

  • Extra virgin and Cold pressed coconut oil extracted from the best coconuts in India with avocado oil from gods own country-new Zealand
  • Chemical free, no preservative, no colouring, minimum processing.
  • Coconut oil provides you with good fats and HDL where as an avocado oil high in vitamin E content, cartenoids, and bita sitestrol offers you a to go energy for each day
  • Delicate taste-Perfect for all forms of cooking from stir fry’s, frying, sautéing, baking and all other high heat cooking.
  • Appropriate for daily cooking’s
  • Apt for massages  throughout the year
  • Keeps both hair and skin moisturised as both the oils are pure and extremely absorbent.

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