Klaps Coconut Nectar Vinegar (500 ML)


  • Brand : Klaps
  • Quantity : 500 ML
  • EAN Code : 0786411853045
  • Shelf Life : 3 Years
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Made from pure coconut sap klaps Coconut Nectar vinegar is miracle tonic with many health benefits. 100% gluten free and is a carrier of 17 essential amino acids. Suitable for diabetics as it has low glycemic  index which helps to control insulin sensitivity. A much healthier option than apple cider vinegar as its sweetness brings out a great taste in dishes. Comes in a black glass bottle with a Doppler inside for easy and convenient use. Since its mother vinegar and ages with time, thus over a period of time a coin like gel forms at the bottom.

  • 100 % coconut sap vinegar, naturally fermented coconut vinegar. 
  • Does not contain any Preservatives/chemicals. 
  • Contains 65 minerals and a carrier of 17 amino acids. 
  • Perfect for diabetics as the GI level is below 35. 
  • Subtle sweet taste, much healthier to apple cider vinegar. 
  • Contains mother vinegar.  
  • Gluten and dairy free.  


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