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Avocado Oil
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Start transforming your life today by enjoying the taste of eating
right and eating healthy.

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Every recipe will taste better.
A healthy food, for wealthy mood.
Transform your food, transform yourself..

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Your body is a finely tuned vehicle,
give it good food and it will take you places

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OLIVADO Avocado oil is sourced from GODS OWN COUNTRY  NEW ZEALND. Olivado avocado was the pioneer in making world’s first and finest avocado oil in the world. With its reach across UK, USA, CANADA, UAE and many across the continents have excelled in providing the best in quality for all its oils. KIRA FOODS PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED in India brings you the same Avocado oil packed and labeled from New Zealand at your door step. The Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado oil is packed with the oil of 40 Avocados that is pure and healthy is every form.  

Avaco by klaps is kira’s gourmet brand which comprises extra virgin avocado oil sourced from olivado. As fresh Hass avocados, with the same nutrient and minerals, our avaco bottles are packed in INDIA. The extra virgin avocado oil is of the finest grade and is cold-pressed and unfiltered to maintain its nutrient content. The emerald green oil will win your hearts with its versatility in your everyday cooking practices. Another product in AVACO is extra virgin coconut oil with extra virgin avocado oil – one of the 1 st of its kind in the Indian market. this unique product is to die for with a blend of both best coconut oil and avocado oil. 

Klaps is another  brand under the KIRA FOODS umbrella comprising of india finest EXTARA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL ORGANIC COCNUT NECTAR SUGAR  COCONUT NECTAR VINEGAR.   All our products are organic and pure sourced from the India’s best farmers/manufacturers .our unique product are based on the fundamental of good health and great taste . Each product is carefully selected based on its production technique to maintain its natural flavor and nutrients. 

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Avocado oil is an edible oil extracted from the pulp of avocados.

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We can deliver these products in everywhere in  India. 

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These products across the globe and reap the benefits of the untapped markets with promising business strategies. 

Customer Say


Rohit Sharma Customer

Made from pure coconut sap,dairy free Low glycolic index Help in controlling diabetes.I'm satisfied with this product.

Varsha Rathore Customer

Very happy with KLAPS Coconut oil.Packed very well so there was no breakage or leakage.Good for cooking and for salads too.

Megha Methu Customer

Avocados are quite pretentious. You have to know how to buy the perfect fruit, not too ripe, not too hard.

Megha Methu Customer

Avocados are quite pretentious. You have to know how to buy the perfect fruit, not too ripe, not too hard.

    Our Story

    “ Natural Avocado is a very good food for health. ”

    Kira Food Products Private Limited, located in C-26 Connaught place, New Delhi is a company specializing in importing exporting and marketing of high quality food products across the globe. Managed by its 2 directors Arpita chawla and Sanchit chawla. Kira foods dwells on the identification of strategies and targets that are based on the principal of achieving customer satisfaction, new product identification, product quality and proficient services by providing wide range of products with competitive prices. The company is driven to introduce healthy and nutritious products in the market specially the products that have been untapped by the Indian food industry.

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